Bio-Tech Mushroom (Manufacturing Plant)

Facility Descripton

The computerized modern technology utilized in BTM is one of the best in the world. Utilizing the best machineries from European and Asian origin and cultivation techniques formulated by world-renowned Bangladeshi Mushroom Scientist whom has vast skills in mushroom bio-technology and studied from Japanese renowned University. Such competence is one of the largest of its category in Bangladesh.

The Bio-Tech mushroom plant is a state-of-the-art mushroom growing, processing, and marketing for the local and foreign market.

  • The factory is located at Dogormora, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh on suitable land with 4 layers vertically expanded.
  • The Bio-Tech Mushroom plant has been designed for realizing 1 unit, consisting of 5 growing rooms with a growing surface of approximately 320 m² in total area.
  • Mushroom production unit consists of a hall with 05 (Five) production rooms, a control room (for climate control equipment and water supply), a store room and workers’ facilities.
  • Production rooms are equipped with growing beds and climate control equipment and will produce a yield of 25-30 kg per sqm. Total yield would be about 60-70 metric ton/ year.



Picking, Grading, Packing, Cold Store, and Distribution through Freezer Van.

Production Processes:

Imported button mushroom spawn run substrates phase III compost (Fermented wheat straw + Poultry litter + Spawn run) plus Black peat casing materials are filled in the mushroom growing racks. Then pure water to be sprayed to make the soil moistened. Subsiquently temperature in that room is controlled by some state-of-the-art equipments like air handling unit. After a certain period the mycelium starts to grow and spreads all over the substrates and becomes whitish in color. Within a short period of time fruiting body initiates and baby button mushroom starts to grow.